Skiing trivia questions by Stan Knight, MSC Historian

Questions: (scroll down for the answers)

1. What was the name of the binding affectionately known as the “Explodamat”?

2. What bizarre binding system had spring-loaded cables that could release and then retract the ski back to your boot?

3. What bindings and skis were used by soaring, back-flipping skiers filmed in elegant slow-motion for the 1968 cult movie, "Ski The Outer Limits"?

4. Who was one of the skiers in this movie who moved to Lake Tahoe and skied and coached at Sugar Bowl?

See the answers below (click the links for the Wikipedia article on each).

1. Marker Rotamat

AKA the Explodamat

2. Burt retractable bindings

Your skis will never come off again, invented in the 1970's by Burton A. Weinstein.

3. Hart skis and Look Nevada bindings

Hart produced one of the first metal and fiberglass skis. Look Nevada pioneered the modern step-in ski binding.

4. Herman Gollner - Austrian born skier, climber and inventor of the Mobius Flip, also a former Sugar Bowl Ski Team coach.

(From Harald Harb's Mountain Project wall)