Our spacious A-frame living room has lots of comfortable seating, a game table, a bar area and a large stone fireplace framed by windows so you can easily keep an eye on the weather outside while you enjoy the fire inside.

The ample kitchen is outfitted with two sinks, two refrigerators and a large vintage commercial stove with lots of room for people to cook things up individually or as a group.

On any given summer day, you'll find the barbecue going strong out on our large back deck that overlooks a beautiful wooded back yard.

Our dining table has seen lots of fabulous meals, large and small.

Several times a summer we get together for work weekends to clean and repair the lodge. One weekend is devoted to splitting and stacking wood for the coming winter. It looks like work, but it's really lots of fun and a great way for fellow members to get to know one another.

Sleeping accommodations are in four dorm style rooms, one for men, one for women, one for families and a teen dorm. Upon arrival, members can select any available bed in one of the dorms. There is also storage space overhead for sleeping bags.